What’s new in the 2021 edition? 

This year, MTLàTABLE runs from summer to fall, as an unprecedented celebration of restaurants reopening in Montréal! The off-trail formula allows participating restaurants to offer their table d’hôte in the dining room, on the terrace or to take-out. As for the price of the menus, it remains fixed, but determined by each restaurant owner according to the value of their culinary creations. Take part in this outpouring of solidarity with a restaurant community hard hit by the pandemic, but more than ever determined to make your taste buds tick!

How are the prices set for this edition of MTLàTABLE? 

Prices are set by the chefs according to the value of their creation. Restaurant owners who are still suffering from the repercussions of the pandemic cannot offer discounts on their menus this year, this edition is above all a show of solidarity towards them and a celebration of their resilience.

When will the event take place?

The 2021 edition of MTLàTABLE will take place during three periods: from June 23 to August 1, August 4 to 29 and September 1 to October 11. Every month, new restaurateurs will join the list of participating restaurants to offer new menus and diversified culinary experiences that reflect the seasonality of local products, from summer to fall. 

What are the prices of MTLàTABLE - Hors Sentiers edition?

Each restaurant will offer a menu in a table-d’hôte formula that falls within one of four price ranges: $20 to $35, $36 to $45, $46 at $60, $61 and more. Some restaurants will offer on site, in the dining room and on the terrace, a different menu then the one offered for take-out.

Is the list of participating restaurants final?

No, the restaurants and menus will change throughout the summer and each period depending on the seasonality of Quebec products. Visit the website regularly and check out our social media to stay informed.

Are reservations required?

Reservations are not required but suggested due to the popularity of the event. Take note of the reservation policies specific to each establishment. You can book online or by phone at the restaurant. Please inform the restaurant owner of any cancellation 48 hours in advance. 

Are group reservations allowed under health restrictions?

The sanitary instructions must be respected at all time and they vary according to the colour of the zone in which Montreal is located at the time of your reservation. Consult this chart issued by the Quebec government regularly to find out about forthcoming loosening of measures. 

Does a restaurant have to follow government health guidelines?

Yes, at all time. Each participating restaurant agrees to comply with the guidelines applicable to the restaurant sector, otherwise it will be immediately excluded from MTLàTABLE.

What are the restaurant cancellation policies?

Cancellations are accepted by phone or through the system used to make the reservation, 48 hours in advance. Check out the restaurant policy at the time of booking. No-shows are a real problem both for restaurant owners who must refuse reservations, and for customers who wish to book. It is therefore very important to notify the restaurant of any cancellation. 

How to participate in MTLàTABLE - Hors Sentiers edition? 

Choose from participating restaurants and book directly with the restaurant. Reservations are recommended, however, if you show up at one of the participating establishments without a reservation, ask for the MTLàTABLE menu. Consult this page, to be informed of the current sanitary measures.

Why participate in MTLàTABLE, if there are no more discounts?

To support the Montréal restaurant scene and show your appreciation for local gastronomy. And to encourage this outpouring of solidarity, Tourisme Montréal, in collaboration with the SAQ, invites you to explore the diversity of Montréal culinary scene through the MTLàTABLE Foodie Program. Each meal at a restaurant participating in MTLàTABLE gives you a chance to win one of five weekly prizes or to participate in the monthly draw for two Food & Fun Package. All you need to do is ask for a fork when paying for your meal in the dining room, on the terrace or to take out. Visit the MTLàTABLE Foodie Program page to learn more about special offers and program terms.

Who organizes MTLàTABLE? 

Tourisme Montréal in partnership with the City of Montreal and in collaboration with the SAQ, the National Bank and the Association Restauration Québec.

Is Montreal known for its gastronomy?

Yes! Montréal is a member of the Délice international network of gourmet cities since 2007 and is renowned as a gourmet city because of its diverse culinary offer and the quality of its restaurants. 

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