What is MTLàTABLE?

It’s Montréal’s Restaurant Week, a time when Montrealers and visitors are invited to celebrate our delicious and diverse restaurant scene during the month of November. For two fantastic foodie weeks, more than 150 Montréal restaurants will be offering 3-course fixed-price table d’hôte menus at $23, $33, or $43 for dinner and $17 for brunch.

This is a chance for Montrealers and visitors to discover Montréal’s incredible culinary wealth and enjoy the creativity of its world-renowned chefs. MTLàTABLE offers the perfect opportunity to discover hot new spots, take advantage of fantastic prices on table d’hôte menus and take part in special foodie activities.

When does MTLàTABLE take place?

The eighth edition of MTLàTABLE will be held from November 1 to 13, 2019. 

How much does MTLàTABLE cost?

Dinner menu: $23, $33, $43. Brunch: $17.

Prices are per person and do not include drinks, taxes and tips.

The regular restaurant menu may be offered at the discretion of the restaurant owner. Of course, all dishes ordered that are not part of the MTLàTABLE menu will be billed at the usual prices.

How can I take part in MTLàTABLE?

Simply choose from among the participating restaurant and reserve directly with the restaurant or ask for the MTLàTABLE menu if you show up without a reservation. We strongly recommend you make reservations.

Are reservations required?

Reservations are not required, but strongly recommended due to the event’s popularity. You can reserve online or phone the restaurant directly.

What is the cancellation policy?

Not showing up creates a real problem, both for participating restaurants that are penalized and obliged to refuse patrons as for clients who would have liked to take your spot. It is crucial to notify the restaurant of all cancellations. You can cancel by phone or by the online reservation system 48 hours in advance.

Who organizes MTLàTABLE?

MTLàTABLE is an initiative of Tourisme Montréal and an invitation to celebrate Montréal’s culinary scene in order to position Montréal as a gourmet destination and encourage people to dine out during a generally slower time of the year.

Is Montréal a gourmet destination?

Montréal is, in fact, renowned as a gourmet city because of its diverse culinary offer and the the quality of its restaurants. A member of the Délice international network of gourmet cities since 2007, Montréal is the new North American capital of gastronomy according to Town & Country magazine.

How can my restaurant participate?

If you would like to find out how you can take part in MTLàTABLE, please write to mtlatable@mtl.org.

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