MTLàTABLE Restaurants

Celebrate the diversity of Montreal's gastronomy

Get off the beaten track! Explore Montréal’s gourmet neighborhoods, conquer new flavours, take the time to appreciate the variety and freshness of our local products. It’s harvest time and restaurant owners are so eager to see their tables fill up after a long pause. Our local chefs are preparing themed menus that will change over the months to reflect the seasonality of Quebec products.

Take part in this unprecedented edition of MTLàTABLE. Don’t miss this tasty opportunity to reclaim Montreal’s culinary scene from summer to fall!

From August 4 to August 29, plan a gourmet getaway in one of Montréal loveliest neighborhoods. Visit this section again as of September 1st to discover the new menus available from September 1st to October 11, 2021, and make yourself ready for as many culinary journeys as you wish this summer and fall!

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