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Restaurant Manitoba

Restaurant Manitoba
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Have an adventurous culinary experience at Restaurant Manitoba, a hopping eatery where cozying up to nature is the very idea. Ironically nestled in an unexplored industrial zone, Restaurant Manitoba offers a natural dining landscape that begs you to sit for a spell and drink it all in, petrified wood bar, and all. Here, organic is the word, from the interior to the menu to the wine list, which showcases an impressive list of natural and biodynamic private imports from around the world. The menu reads like a glossary of intriguing regional ingredients, such as whelks, mugwort, myrica gale leaves and trout lily. Dare to choose the blind 4-course tasting menu (with or without wine pairing) or opt for à la carte with dishes such as smoked eel with turnip and reindeer moss, suckling pig with Jerusalem artichoke or arctic char with beets and blackcurrants. In this unique space, a minimalist chic décor showcases an open kitchen, and a garage door in the back that opens in the summertime provides a relaxing backdrop to a hip dining scene.

Types of cuisine: Québec

Chef: Simon Mathys
Dinner menu
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Québec products
271 Saint-Zotique Street West
Montréal, QC H2V 1A4
Petite Italie and Villeray
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