An invitation to discover Quebec’s finest foods!

MTLàTABLE is calling all foodies to its annual feast! During the culinary celebration, chefs from all 150 participating restaurants will be representing Montréal’s renowned food scene and shining the spotlight on ingredients grown across the province. It’s a delicious reminder that one third of the food we eat comes from Québec farms!

Local chefs are finding inspiration in the diversity and quality of products grown in Québec regions, as well as the talented growers behind them. All this comes together to create an ever-changing culinary art movement—from outstanding restaurant meals to major food happenings—that people want to sink their teeth into. 

Tourisme Montréal, in collaboration with the Conseil des Industries Bioalimentaires de l'Île de Montréal (CIBÎM) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, is delighted to have the opportunity to introduce you to mouth-watering Québec products during MTLàTABLE!

A taste of Québec : ESKA

Where does ESKA comes from?

For more than ten years, ESKA has been bottling its spring water from the famous Abitibian esker in Saint-Mathieu-Berry, a unique vestige of the Ice Age located in the heart of a 5,000-acre virgin forest. The esker’s contains is among the purest waters in the world thanks to the spectacular work of nature over the centuries.

There are very few eskers there are only seven in the world, and the one in Saint-Mathieu-Berry, in the province of Quebec, is the only one in North America from which water can actually be collected.

A little bit of history

The large amount of water released during the melting of glaciers led to the creation of a strong flowing river and to the deposit of several glacial rocks, which today allow a unique filtration system.

Every day, the esker collects snow and rain precipitation, from which the ESKA water originates.

A gift of Nature 

The water that flows from the source in northern Quebec is so perfectly pure and clear that it requires no transformation, chemical intervention or human operations. And as Mother Nature constantly offers us new precipitations of a great purity, the source is constantly renewed.

Thus, ESKA bottled spring water offers nothing more and nothing less than pure and clear water, with an unaltered taste and a low mineral content, all thanks to nature that simply does its work.